III Level * Professional Baker



50-hours course, with weekly lessons of 3-hours each.


The participants will learn how to do:

Yeasted dough, classic cakes, wedding cakes


Dough without yeast: bignè, mignon, puff pastry, sponge cake “pan di spagna”, frozen desserts, the tarts, tea-pastry. The preparation of biscuits


The bag of biscuits: biscuits, krumiri, various types of biscuits, macaroons, Ricciarelli, brutti ma buoni, S. Pellegrino, nooks, scallops and fresh ideas of dried and soft pastry with coconut, pine nuts, cherries


Preparation of typical products of the Tuscan pastries


Recovery of ancient recipes; use of organic and natural products; elaboration of cakes, cookies and pastries


The preparation of chocolate: chocolate desserts, cakes, mousses; the chocolate creams


The chocolate fillings; chocolate and fruit


Processing of sugar paste, fondant, icing, royal icing, marzipan, chocolate plastic



The courses are structured into levels based upon ability and knowledge as required by the European Regulation (EQF levels).


A recognized diploma is awarded by the training agency accredited by the Tuscany Region.




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