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All courses must be paid before they begin.


Reservations made on our website can be paid by credit card and PayPal.


Reservations made by phone will be accepted only if paid on-line at least 15 working days before the begin of courses.


The refund applies only for the booking cancellation until 14 working days before. In case of no show, the refund doesn't apply.


A complete refund is possible if the request arrives within 14 working days before the begin of the courses sending an email to specifying the name of the participant, the course and the confirmed date.


For privates lessons, the cancellation with no penalty could be done until 21 days before the lesson, after that period the refund doesn't apply.


In Tavola reserves the right of modifying or cancelling the dates of the courses with a 5 days warning, the modification or cancellation of the courses gives the participant the right to do the lesson on the next date available or ask for the complete refund.


The participants are asked to be at In Tavola at least 15 minutes before the begin of the courses, otherwise they will be consider no show.


The participants are asked to be in good psychophysical conditions to attend the courses. If not the management reserves the right to refuse their entry.