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Gourmet Dinner

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The Gourmet Cooking lesson is a completely hands-on experience, that will allow you to create and enjoy dishes

that you can bring into your daily life. 

This course is great for couples, small groups, families with children (from 7 years),and those who want to have fun in the

kitchen learning how to cook traditional Florentine and Italian dishes.

In a practical way, the Chef will demonstrate each to be replicated at your station, to make single-serving

dishes from the menu. At the end, you will enjoy the authentic dishes you created, accompanied by a D.O.C. Tuscan wine

in the Florentine style wine cellar.

The group size is minimum 2 and maximum 8 participants.

Classes are scheduled: every Thursday at 04:00pm and from March to October also every Saturday always at 04:00pm.

Sessions last about four hours.


  • Crostini Toscani (Toasted Tuscany bread topped with pâté), Gnocchi alla Sorrentina (Sorrento style gnocchi), Peposo all’Impruneta (stewed meat), and Panna Cotta
  • Just Pasta: Lasagne ragù (Lasagna with meat sauce), Gnocchi al zucchini zafferano (potato gnocchi with zucchinis and safron sauce), Gnocchi sardi al pesto Genovese e pomodorini (Sardinian’s style gnocchi with Genovese pesto and cherry tomatoes), Spaghettini Pommarola (spaghettini with tomato sauce), and Tiramisù
  • Bruschetta (Toasted Tuscany bread topped with tomatoes), Risotto funghi porcini (risotto with porcini mushrooms), Parmigiana Melanzane (eggplant parmesan), and Zuppa Inglese (trifle)
  • Mozzarella in Carrozza (Fried mozzarella sandwiches), Crespelle Fiorentina (Florentine crêpes), Filetto in crosta di olive (olive crusted pork fillet), and Biscotti di Prato (Italian almond biscuits) with Vin Santo
  • Florentine Menu (min 4 people): Crostini Fiorentini (Toasted Tuscany bread topped with stracchino -soft cheese- and sausage), Bistecca Fiorentina (Florentine T-bone steak), Papparedelle ragù (pappardelle pasta with meat sauce), and Gelato al cioccolato fondente (dark chocolate gelato)
  • Fish menu (only available for dinner, min. 4 people): Crostini di mare (Toasted Tuscany bread topped with seafood), Risotto or Spaghetti ai frutti di mare (Risotto or linguini with a fresh seafood sauce), Polpo in Galera (Octopus in jail), and Sorbetto Limone e Vodka (lemon with vodka sorbet)
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Gourmet Dinner 05/18/2024 4:00 pm €139,00 ($151,23) 8
Gourmet Dinner 05/23/2024 4:00 pm €139,00 ($151,23) 6
Gourmet Dinner 05/25/2024 4:00 pm €139,00 ($151,23) 8
Gourmet Dinner 05/30/2024 4:00 pm €139,00 ($151,23) 6
Gourmet Dinner 06/01/2024 4:00 pm €139,00 ($151,23) 6
Gourmet Dinner 06/06/2024 4:00 pm €139,00 ($151,23) 6
Gourmet Dinner 06/08/2024 4:00 pm €139,00 ($151,23) 8
Gourmet Dinner 06/13/2024 4:00 pm €139,00 ($151,23) 6
Gourmet Dinner 06/15/2024 4:00 pm €139,00 ($151,23) 8
Gourmet Dinner 06/20/2024 4:00 pm €139,00 ($151,23) 8