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Homemade Pasta

329567This course allows participants the opportunity to work with the various types of ingredients necessary for making fresh pasta, is aimed for those who wish to discover the techniques and secrets behind the ancient Italian tradition of homemade pasta making.

Participants will learn directly from the Chef, the techniques used in working with pasta, including using the polling pin and machine.

Altogether, participants will learn to prepare fresh egg pasta and freshwater pasta, along with three different sauces and a typical Italian dessert. The course is ended with a lunch of the prepared dishes in our wine cellar, the whole session lasts approximately 3 hours.

The lesson can be held in English, Spanish, and Italian, and the minimum age requirement is 7 years old.

Classes are held every Wednesday and Saturday from March to October at 11:30am.

The menu:

  • Fresh water pasta – Tagliatelle
  • Fresh egg pasta – Tortelli di patate
  • Raw tomato sauce
  • Mushrooms sauce
  • Olive oil, garlic and peperoncino
  • Panna cotta

Note: Vegetarian/vegan options are available, as well as any other dietary restrictions (gluten free, lactose intolerant, no tree nuts, no seafood, etc.). Please, inform us when you do your booking.

This lesson includes: the meal, bottled water, Tuscany wine, and recipes of what you prepared.

Event Event Date Individual Price Available Place Register
Handmade Pasta 07/17/2024 5:00 pm €71,00 ($77,29) 15
Handmade Pasta 07/20/2024 11:00 am €71,00 ($77,29)
Handmade Pasta 07/24/2024 5:00 pm €71,00 ($77,29) 14
Handmade Pasta 07/27/2024 11:00 am €71,00 ($77,29)
Handmade Pasta 07/31/2024 5:00 pm €71,00 ($77,29) 16
Handmade Pasta 08/03/2024 11:00 am €71,00 ($77,29) 16
Handmade Pasta 08/07/2024 5:00 pm €71,00 ($77,29) 15
Handmade Pasta 08/10/2024 11:00 am €71,00 ($77,29) 12
Handmade Pasta 08/14/2024 5:00 pm €71,00 ($77,29) 13
Handmade Pasta 08/17/2024 11:00 am €71,00 ($77,29) 16